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Matte Vinyl Film Wrap – Gray

If you're looking for a brilliant gray look of your car but without the price tag then look no further than Modistex’s Matte Gray film. As attractive as the competition but yours for a fraction of the cost, you can now wrap your ride to get that flat gray look in no time. It is rated for both interior and exterior use. Featuring air-release adhesives technology, this 3 mil thick car wrap film goes on smooth and without bubbles.  


Matte Vinyl Film Wrap – Gold

Matte Gold is a popular look for car, SUV, truck. You can get the same look for a fraction of the price with modistex’s Matte vinyl wraps. Apply the 14 Karat look of low gloss gold to interior or exterior of your ride. With this specially formulated, it was made to be 3mil thick wrapping film. Featuring air-release, pressure sensitive adhesives for smooth, bubble-free installations, this car wrap film is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and pros alike.  


Matte Vinyl Film Wrap – Blue

The matte lookd is all the rage right now. We makes it easy to get the Matte Blue look you want with reasonable cost. Made from specially formulated, pressure sensitive, the 3mil thick vinyl film is ideal for wrapping the most extreme curves. One of the best features of this car wrap film is that it has an air-release adhesive. It means you could get bubble-free results each and every time.  


Matte Vinyl Film Wrap – Black

When you're looking for a premium grade Matte Black finish, then put your trust to Modistex’s Matte Black series films. This matte vinyl film is made with specially formulated pressure-sensitive, semi-permanent adhesives that are embedded with air-release channels for bubble free installation. Obviously you can get professional looking, bubble-free results with half the effort and a fraction of the cost. There is no requirement to additional fluids or glues. You could simply add heat and squeegee on.  


Gloss Vinyl Film Wrap – Blue (Arctic)

When you are looking for a premium grade Arctic blue vinyl film, then put your trust to Modistex’s series films. Rated for interior or exterior, this high gloss vinyl wrap is ideal for wrapping any the hard, non-porous surfaces of your car, truck, and SUV. Made to be 3mil thick, this vinyl film conforms brilliantly. Features with adhesive backed technology, there is no messing around with glues or other harsh chemicals.  


Gloss Vinyl Film Wrap – Blue

Modistex’s Gloss Blue vinyl wraps are popular in changing the look of car, truck or SUV and add a personal touch of deep, blue style. What’s more, our gloss Blue vinyl wraps aren’t just for automotive use — you could use them for architectural applications, as electronic skins, in scrapbooking and in your Cricut vinyl cutter too! It is engineered to be dual cast for dimensional stability and 3 mil thick for easy wrapping.You’ll love the glossy finish and bold blue color. Designed with air-release channels for bubble-free results, this car wraps are made for the DIY installer.  


Gloss Vinyl Film Wrap – Black

Thanks to our 3-year warranty and tough, but flexible, 3 mil thick vinyl, you could have a true confidence in our Modistex’s black vinyl film wraps. Obviously it is designed to resist wear and UV damage. Thanks to the adhesive backing, there is no requirement to additional glue or adhesive to get a simple installation. Applying a bit of heat is enough to install it to curves and bend it easily.   


Gloss Vinyl Film Wrap – Beige

Modistex’s beige vinyl wrap gives you a perfect solution when you want to paint your vehicle but don't want to spend a fortune. Our automotive films allow you to transform your vehicle in a single afternoon. Because it is available in many great colors, including popular beige. Features with heat-conformable 3 mil thickness and pre-applied adhesive, our beige vinyl film wrap is an obvious choice for upgrading your car.